From the moment I walked into Palladium at 17 years old (thanks to a fake ID) and heard DJ Casanova playing Spin Spin Sugar by the Sneaker Pimps, my life was forever changed. 27 years later, I continue to honor my passion for house music as a producer.

My career started at Tunnel as a resident DJ from 1996 to 1999, playing on Friday nights in the mezzanine and when given the chance, on the main floor opening for DJ Eddie Baez (Thanks Eddie!). My years at Tunnel sharpened my ear for techno, deep house, vocal house, and trance. Eventually, my degree in computer science helped me shift from live shows to technical studio production.

My work has been published on Twisted Records, Kult Records, Hush Recordings, Fatal Music, Stereo, Slanted Black, Hamachi Records, Homewerx Music, HMSP Music, Overskin Recordings and now his own label BE-Sounds. I currently work out of my home production studio in New York where I am always busy cooking up fresh techno, vocal house, and EDM with a sprinkle of dark on top.

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